Another Snow White In Tarsem Singh’s ‘Mirror Mirror’

Mirror Mirror

Mirror Mirror

There’s two Snow hitting the big screens come 2012. While Kristen Stewart battles it out LOTR style in Snow White and The Huntsman, newcomer Lily Collins dons a graceful Snow in Director Tarsem Singh’s Mirror Mirror. A lighter and comedic take on the Brothers Grimm tale compared to the epic storytelling of Rupert Sanders’ Snow White and The Huntsman.

Collins mentioned in an interview that she actually read for the Huntsman film but she wasn’t able to book the stint. Both films offers a different reimagination of Snow White’s tale so it should be interesting. Tagging along with Collins  are Julia Roberts, Armie Hammer, Sean Bean, and Nathan Lane.

Mirror Mirror is slated for a March 2012 release while Snow White and The Huntsman will be out come June 2012.

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